Where do you make your products?

All Cozday products are currently made in Los Angeles, CA, in the USA. We are sweatshop free and as a start-up and small business we are smaller than you think!


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, right now we can only ship to the continental US and Canada. However we can do a special order to your country on a case-by-case basis, particularly if your intended delivery date is flexible! Contact us!


Why are your clothes so expensive? I can buy a T-shirt for $15 at that store over there (throws a stone).

That's awesome and we love that stuff too, however prices are usually relative to quantity. We are a small business and are not able at this moment to order thousands of yards of fabric from the least expensive sources, or get our sewing costs down to where a big box store might be able to under the purchase of thousands of units. As a result, things simply cost more. On another note, our garments are complex, detailed, and are very different than an average T-shirt, having required much preparation and fit analysis. Our pattern makers have years of experience and our sewers are paid health insurance and proper salaries here in the United States. Nowadays, you have a choice as a buyer to direct where your money goes... with us, you can be assured that your purchase goes to local American families and the sustainment of a living wage and necessities.


Why is everything dry clean only?

A lot of our current garments mix fabrics together, with some reacting well with water and some not. In order to ensure that seams don't shrink and change the shape of your jacket, dry cleaning is often the best recommended. For most items, it is also possible to machine wash cold and hang or lay flat to air dry, though we do not recommend straying from the information on the care label. Since most garments are made of wool or cotton, we recommend not using a dryer at all.


Why is everything in Pre-Order? Why do I have to wait until December for my item?

Well, Cozday's debut collection needs a bit of a boost to start running! Production is costly, very labor intensive, and especially difficult the first time through. A pre-order helps us determine how many pieces we need to make ahead of time, how much raw material we need, and helps to fund it. We've set December as an estimate to get it all done, but if your item is ready earlier or later, we will keep you well informed!  If you have a special request, we may be able to accommodate it as a custom order. 


Speaking of custom, do you take custom orders?

Cozday founder and designer Leetal Platt is a working fashion designer and seamstress in Los Angeles; she is able to take on custom jobs from cosplay to evening wear, schedule permitting. She may be reached at Leetal Platt Designs or via our contact page.


Will you do a men's line?

Someday soon! Leetal has big dreams! ;-)